Vortex Engines

Tony Kart Australia are the selected importers for the Vortex Engines and spare parts to Australia. The Vortex KF3 engine is the engine used in the KFJ class in the Australian CIK Championships.

From its inauguration, Vortex has delivered the performance required in order to compete at the highest level and taste the success which comes hand in hand with victory.

In the early nineties, Mr. Corona led Vortex to karting, and before long they began to conquer the international karting scene. Working together with long time partners Tony Kart, Vortex gained many victories and enjoyed the taste of success. In 1995, Vortex took the big step up and became a fully fledged engine manufacturer. From their very first outing at the track, the Vortex built two-stroke engine stood out thanks to its refined design and exceptional manufacturing quality. These qualities have been the basis of Vortex products ever since, which has won them 12 World Karting Championships and many other major titles across the world.