2014 Rotax World Finals

The 12 Australian drivers that qualified to compete at the 2014 Rotax World Finals are in Spain this weekend to battle it out with the best from around the world to become the World Champion in their respective class.

Tony Kart drivers and DD2 Masters leaders, Adam Hunter & Hamish Leighton have spent many months preparing for the event with lots of testing and focusing on their fitness. 

Both drivers had good speed in the practice sessions leading up to qualifying, with Adam always up the front and in the 2nd last session was 2nd fastest. At the end of the final practice Adam was 7th fastest with Hamish in 14th position.

The 3rd Tony Kart Australia / G - Force Karting driver is Zane Goddard. Zane has showen excellent speed all year in Australia and will no doubt take that speed to Valencia. Zane was also amongst the fastest in the practice in a field of 72 drivers.

This morning was time to qaulify! In DD2 Masters, Adam Hunter has qualified in 2nd position, just 1 tenth behind South African driver Christian Morgado. Morgado has won this event in the DD2 Masters class for the 3 years, can Adam he person to break his winning streak? We think so! Hamish Leighton had some issues during qualifying which unfortunately left him down in grid 44, but if he can stay focused and not have any DNFs, we are sure Hamiahs can come away with a good result.

In Junior Max, Zane had some issues also and couldn't show the same speed he had done in practice and he also has qualified at the wrong end in 33rd position. Again we are sure that with a calm approach to the racing we are certain Zane can move forward and achieve a good result in the final race.

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Rotax World Finals race results


Adam Hunter grabbed a heat 2 win this morning at the Rotax World Finals! After qualifying in 2rd, Adam finished Heat 1 in 3rd and won the second heat. Hamish Leighton fought back in the first heat to finish 11th but had a bad heat 2 where he finished in 31st.

Zane Goddard finished heat 1 in 15th position and heat 2 in 17th position.

Other Australian results are:

Junior MAX
#112 - Zane Goddard – Qlf: 33rd, H1: 15th, H2: 17th
#128 - Jayden Ojeda – Qlf: 25th, H1: DNF (34th), H2: DNF (31st)
#136 - Bryce Fullwood – Qlf: 3rd, H1: 5th, H2: 8th

Senior MAX 
#209 - Ryan Kennedy – Qlf: 38th, H1: 16th, H2: 10th
#228 - Andrew Carey – Qlf: 22nd, H1: 17th, H2: 14th
,#243 - Brad Jenner – Qlf: 20th, H1: 5th, H2: 7th

#312 - Jordan Boys – Qlf: 12th, H1: 2nd, H2: 5th
#354 - Troy Woolston – Qlf: 45th, H1: DQ, H2: 32nd
#356 - Jason Pringle – Qlf 50th, H1: 17th, H2: 19th

DD2 Masters
#417 - Adam Hunter – Qlf: 2nd, H1: 3rd, H2: 1st
#421 - Hamish Leighton – Qlf: 44th, H1: 11th, H2: 31st
#451 - Steve Ellery – Qlf: 32nd, H1: 19th, H2: 15th


Adam Hunter won the 3rd heat of DD2 Masters only to be penalised by 10 seconds for apparently jumping the start, which put down in 15th place for the pre-final. Hamish Leighton had to go through the LCQ to make the final, Hamish finished in 2nd position to make it through. Zane Goddard in Junior Max finished his 3rd heat in 9th position, giving him grid 19 for the pre-final.

With torrential rain, the organisers decided to cancel the pre-finals! A very strange thing to do at a World Championship event...

So that put extra pressure on the guys to really push in the final. Adam Hunter was unfortunately one of the drivers who got crashed into forcing him out of the final. Hamish pushed forward and was in 11th position (after starting 30th) but he unfortunately just touched a slippery kerb and spun off the race track. He would recover to finish in 22nd position. Zane moved forward in the Junior Max final and finished a very well earned 12th position.

Congratulations to Jordan Boys who finished in 3rd position in DD2 for Australia. Also the whole Australia team for finishing in 2nd position in the Nations Cup!

Also a big congratulations to the Tony Kart Australia drivers. You guys all performed extremely well and have done Tony Kart Australia very proud!