2015 Victorian Country Series

South West Kart Club held the final round of the 2015 Victorian Country Series.

In TAG 125 Light, local Tony Kart driver Thomas Prascevic had a consistent run through the heats and crossed the finish line in 4th position. Another Tony Kart driver, Maverick Benson moved forward in his heats and finished the final in 7th position. In doing so, Maverick claimed 3rd position in the series.

In Sportsman Restricted Super Heavy, Tony Kart drivers Andrew Hayes, Martin Golledge & Mick Angwin qualified 2nd, 3rd & 4th. In heat 1 they all moved up 1 position to finish 1, 2, 3. Unfortunately Mick Angwin had a DNF in the final but Hayes and Golledge went on to finish 2nd & 3rd. In the series it was a Tony Kart 1, 2 with Andrew Hayes 1st & Martin Golledge 2nd.

Junior Clubman saw Ben Delaney qualify his Tony Kart in 3rd position and go on to finish 3rd in every race of the weekend! Fellow Tony Kart driver and new kid to the Junior Clubman class Jacob Dowson qualified in 4th position and finished the final in 5th place. Ben Delaney also grabbed 3rd position in the series aboard his Tony Kart Racer ST VK chassis.


Congratulations to all Tony Kart drivers on thier excellent results throughout the year and we are sure you can all do it again next year!


Photo gallery (images taken from Country Series facebook page)


(please contact me if I have forgotten to mention anyone, as we can't get to every meeting we only know some of the Tony Kart drivers)