Tony Kart Chassis


The Krypton, in its latest edition called 801S, follows with constancy and without betraying the fundamental concepts the project, the evolution of the prince-chassis of the Tony Kart factory, the Racer. It differs only for use for the frame, made of molybdenum chrome Ø 32 mm steel tubes, instead of Ø 30 mm. For the rest of the development of the two frames goes hand in hand, so even the Krypton 801S gains a reduction on the total weight and has several revised details (the new floorplate, the sprocket’s hub with two screws, the steering column support, the front bumper connection) and a renewed rear brake caliper for the single speed version. What does not change? The manufacturing approach, 100% made in OTK Kart Group, which includes the use of raw materials of the highest quality and the use of sophisticated machinery which eliminates the possibility of error; the constant, continuous, ceaseless development given by the information gathered in dozens of international competitions faced by the Tony Kart Racing Team.

For the single speed categories, the Krypton 801S proposes the new BSD rear brake caliper. Forged in one-piece and with 2 pistons of Ø 34.5 mm, with stroke recovery, combined with the evolution type brake tubes and DOT 5.1, it is the result of a development carried out on the most prestigious and demanding tracks. Extreme conditions overcame in a win, that give Tony Kart drivers a smarter and more adjustable braking system, thanks to the renewed brake caliper, more tough and stable in performance. All this is linked with the usual business approach of OTK Kart Group that involves the use of only selected materials and tested to ensure maximum performance in the most extreme conditions of use.

In karting, fractions of seconds are very important. This is the reason why Tony Kart, thanks to OTK Kart Group R&D department, has decided to explore, with a scientific approach, a field which is still known a little to karting: aerodynamics. And so, thanks to intense wind tunnel testing, the OTK M6 fairings are born (CIK-FIA 2015-2020 homologated), able to increase aerodynamics and to convey the air flow in the most appropriate and functional areas. Nevertheless, these studies, have indelibly marked also the graphic design of the top-range Tony Kart chassis, now a real symbol able to make their mark in the circuits all over the world.

  • Wheelbase: 1040mm
  • Rail Diameter: 32mm
  • Axle Diameter: 50mm
  • Ride Height Adjustment: Front & Rear
  • Torsion Bar: Front & Rear (Removable & Adjustable)
  • Twin Master Cylinders Self Adjusting Brakes

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