Tony Kart Chassis


The next step after the Rookie class, this chassis is the perfect choice for the small pilot starting their junior racing.

Designed specifically for the harder compound tyre and a step up in horsepower, this chassis is also made with user friendly in mind.

28mm diameter tubing specifically designed for the class and tyre, adjustable ride height in the front and rear, a standard feature of caster / camber adjustment, and a removable front torsion bar, twin master cylinder hydraulic braking system (BSM) that includes the disc size to suit specifically the braking needs verses the rotating masses.

This chassis is an upgrade of the most successful Nordik EXP chassis. A WINNER in your young team pilots hands!

  • Wheelbase: 1010mm
  • Rail Diameter: 28mm
  • Axle Diameter: 30mm
  • Ride Height Adjustment: Front & Rear
  • Torsion Bar: Front (Removable)
  • Twin Master Cylinder Brakes

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