Tony Kart Chassis


The Tony Kart Racer ST V2 is the same design as the Psylo V2, but in 30mm diameter tubing throughout.

This chassis design (Psylo V2 & Racer ST V2), has more entry corner grip, and more mid corner grip hold than any of the previous chassis designed for these classes, and still retains the typical Tony Kart turn in and corner release that Tony Kart drivers expect and rely on.

This chassis is typical of the entire Tony kart range in that what you buy in the showroom is what the winners race with.

Complete with adjustable ride height in the front and rear, adjustable and removable torsion bars, alloy components, or now if you wish available with magnesium components and wheels. Also standard on these chassis is fully adjustable caster / camber front end aligners.

  • Wheelbase: 1040mm
  • Rail Diameter: 30mm
  • Axle Diameter: 40mm
  • Ride Height Adjustment: Front & Rear
  • Torsion Bars: Front & Rear (Removable & Adjustable)
  • Twin Master Cylinder Brakes
  • M4 bodyworks

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