General Spares

Tony Kart Australia, have a consistent and plentiful supply of all the genuine OTK spares made by Tony Kart.

The OTK genuine spare parts we carry are also available for Kosmic, FA, Exprit & Redspeed chassis that are often needed by drivers of these chassis.

Tony Kart Australia are the selected importers for the Australian karting market place, to bring to Australia the chassis that are specific for our classes and conditions. The Tony Kart Australia Race Team test and race continuously to ensure the right equipment, and OTK components are always on offer.

Each specific Tony Kart chassis is tested by our racing team, under racing conditions to ensure that the chassis is competitive, reliable, and that our technical staff can answer any question regarding final set up to make your success even easier. To that, each OTK spare part, or chassis component is also tested so our race technicians can advise you on what you may need for specific conditions.