Kart Preperation

Tony Kart Australia can do any number of kart preparation duties, which may vary from small repairs, to chassis components or the chassis itself, to full race preparation to our exacting standards.

For chassis repairs or checking, we have a large surface ground flat testing bed that can be used for laser alignment of the chassis, along with a series of mini jigs to repair a chassis after damage so it is back to the factory tolerance. We employ laser technology to accurately ensure the chassis, and all its geometry angles are correct and measurable, so the chassis is as it was when it left the factory.

To that, we only use genuine OTK spare parts when repairing Tony Kart chassis as these are the very best. We can also repair any other brand of chassis and also repair Kosmic, FA, Esprit, & Redspeed chassis with the same care and using our vast range of genuine OTK spare parts

We can refurbish the braking systems, including disc grinding; perform axle straightening; refit or remount seats; replace axle bearings; or any chassis related job regardless of the size or nature.